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Our service is of great value,
than the price you pay for the vessel

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An initial inspection
will involve a view of the classification society records which provide a history of the ship's structure from the commencement of build.
Classification records
The classification records will also provide details of damage and repairs which have been undertaken during the life of the ship and recommendation of the classification society surveyors following the periodical surveys.
Areas of structural weakness
Possible areas of structural weakness will be identified which will demand careful inspection by the surveyor who carries out the physical inspection of the ship.

We ready request and provide to the buyer
who is interested in a specific ship, capacity plan.

The ship's capacity plan provides details of the cargo-carrying arrangements and general arrangement plan.
The ship's general arrangement plan gives details of the division and arrangement of the ship including a profile views at particular position along the length of the ship.
The individual profile plan and transverse views show the division of the ship into particular compartments (tanks, engine room and holds), the location of bulkheads and arrangements of the superstructure (including accommodation).
Other information provided on the general arrangement plan will be significant items of the ship's equipment, including winches, cargo gear, bow thruster and lifeboats.

The following comments refer to the selling a ship

We identify needs potential buyer's requirements
We as broker will submit the S&P particulars' sheet of ships for sale that meet the criteria.
The S&P particulars' sheet is forwarded by the our company as broker to potential purchsesrs. 'These particulars are believed correct but no guarantee is given of their accuracy'
The particulars are compiled from information supplied by the owner (or their brokers) and augmented by details sjown in Lloyd's Register or the book of other classification societies, such as Bureau Veritas, Det Norske Veritas - Germanischer Lloyd of the American Bureau of Shipping.
Particulars of the ship
Particulars of the ship are: dead-weight, draught, year and place of build, dimensions, cubic capacities, cargo-handling appliances, arrangements of decks, water ballast capacities, numbers of holds and hatches, details of machinery and its builders, horsepower, speed and fuel consumption, bunker capacity, classification society and special survey position.
Addition particulars will be needed for specialised ships, For example,
pumping capacities for tankers, container capacity expressed in twenty-foot equivalent units (teu) for container ships and lane length for roll-on/roll-off (ro-ro) vessels.
Sales for demolition
When a ship is to be sold for demolition it is normal to provide information regarding the ship's light displacement, the material of the propeller and spare propeller and whether a spare tail-shaft is retained on board.
Following the provision of the ship's particulars, two important features are provided by us namely
1. the purchase price
2. the position of the ship for inspection and delivery.

It is not the function of the broker

to express an option regarding the condition of a ship unless they are factually aware of a specific concern. It is the buyer's superintendent or an independent firm of consulting surveyors appointed by buyer who will undertake an inspection os the ship.
The maojrity of transactions in the sale and purchase market are for secondhand ships.
It is in this sector we are most active.
We tend to build up connections with potential buyers and sellers as well as with other brokers.
Sellers / Owners to have their separate brokers such as our company
S&P brokers produce and circulate information and broad details about ships they are trying to sell to brokers of potential buyers in an S&P particulars' sheet.
The strength of any S&P broker's office lies in the maintenance of records of ships currently available for sale. An extensive database of vessels for sale can be a competitive advantage.

If you potential buyer and want make a firm offer for a ship.

pls send for us only form like this:

__________,_ On Behalf of ____________ of __________________

We are authorised to offer firm for reply ___________________

1. Price $ ________________ - less _______% total commission this end.
2. Subject prompt inspection of the vessel with clean swept holds at _____________ within ____________.
3. Subject approval of class records after inspection of same.
4. Buyer's reply on inspection of vessel and records within three working days after completion of vessel inspection.
5. Delivery of the vessel, charter free, at a port in _______________ range at a safe anchorage or berth safely afloat within 30 days after signing of memorandum of agreement and deposit lodget with cancelling date in buyer's option.
6. Vessel to be delivered with class maintained, free of recommendations and free of average damage. All safety certificates to be up date. Vessel to be delivered in substantially the same condition as when inspected.
7. National and international trading certificates to be unextended, clean and valid for a minimum period of six months from the time of delivery.

List of all certificates to be provided.

8. Dry docking as per NSF 1993 (Clause 6a to apply)
9. Vessel to be delivered with everything to it on board, ashore and on order including all spare parts and spare equipment including spare propeller and tailshaft, radio/navaids not on hire (please itemise).
10. Purchase price to include bunkers and luboils as on board at time of delivery.
11. Vessel to bedelivered free of all encumbrances/mortgages/maritime liens/taxes/claims and all debts whatsoever.
12. Buyer's right to place two men on board at buyer's risk and expence after contract signed, deposit lodged and buyer's signed indemniries peovided.
13. Sellers to guarantee the vessel has not traded with/to Israel, Cuba, North Korea and is not blacklisted by the Central Boycott Office of the Arab League.
14. English law arbitration in London.
15. Buyer's option to change flag and registration.

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